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Estate Planning Legal Topics

Checklist: Gathering Asset Information After a Trust Settlor Dies

After the death of the settlor of a single-person revocable trust, one of the trustee’s first tasks is to gather the information required to properly administer the trust and inventory the trust’s assets. This checklist makes it much easier to get everything needed.

Business Law Civil Litigation Legal Topics

How to Analyze and Prove Breach of Contract Damages

When a contract has been breached and it’s clear that performance won’t continue, plaintiff’s counsel needs to consider what damages are recoverable before filing a complaint, and then how to prove them.

Legal Writing New Lawyers Practice of Law

5 Tips for Writing an Effective Letter

When writing a letter to the opposing side or your client, the most important goal is to be clear and understood. You can’t be effective in making your point if your writing style obscures your message.

Civil Litigation Estate Planning Legal Topics New Legal Developments

The Key Case Unlocks No Contest Clause Litigation

A recent appellate decision provides a novel rationale for litigating no contest clauses that could be considered unenforceable under current law.

Landlord/Tenant Law Legal Topics Real Property Law

How to Deal with a Hoarding Tenant

Hoarding in a rental unit can cause significant health and safety issues, such as pest infestations, mold problems, and increased fire risk. And these issues can go beyond the tenant’s unit to put other tenants at risk. So what can a landlord do about it?

Compliance/Best Practices Employment Law Legal Topics

7 Topics Not to Discuss with a Job Applicant

When it comes to job applications and pre-employment interviews, there are certain topics that are off limits.  Here are seven topics to stay away from.

Legal Ethics Practice of Law

You Must Disclose This About Malpractice Insurance

If you don’t have, or drop, malpractice insurance, here’s what you must do.

Estate Planning Legal Topics

Does Destroying a Will Revoke It?

One of the ways to revoke a will is by mutilation or destruction. But is ripping up or burning a will sufficient to revoke it? By itself, no.

Civil Litigation Discovery Legal Topics New Lawyers

Who Can Be Served with Interrogatories?

Interrogatories are powerful—they allow you to ask questions and then use the answers at trial. But you’re limited as to who you may serve with interrogatories. Here are the four main categories of who can be served with interrogatories.