Exciting Changes at CEB!

Hello CEBblog Community!

We are introducing exciting changes at CEB. CEB’s new membership-based community for California attorneys has launched.

Though we’ll keep our blog up for now, we will no longer add new content here. Instead, new current awareness articles, for every practice area that CEB covers, as well as real-time law alerts, will be published on our new community platform. Access to all of these law articles, new current awareness articles, as well as our archives, will still be available with a CEB Primary subscription, which is FREE.

To create your CEB Primary subscription:

  • Click here
  • Create a username and password

And that’s it! You’ll be brought directly to the CEB Primary dashboard.

In addition to legal current awareness articles and real-time law alerts created and curated by our in-house team of attorney editors and legal writers, you also have access to a searchable library California statutes and cases, as well as U.S. Supreme Court and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals cases.

We think you’ll be impressed by the utility, performance, and depth of content you’ll find in CEB’s new membership-based community.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-232-3444.

One reply on “Exciting Changes at CEB!”

So far, the new website has been a trainwreck for me. System says I’m not subscribed to the Real Estate Property library even though I am. After an hour of working with the techs, still can’t figure out why it doesn’t work. The new “Learning” system seems designed to confuse. All these empty “Learning Paths” but significant numbers of CEB programs that I could easily find 10 days ago seem to no longer exist. Want to search for programs by date of release? Nope: can’t do that. System no longer even shows you the release date, so no way to tell if this program is 1 month old or 5 years old. Hopefully the system will improve but so far, this is only making my life harder, not easier. Sorry, love CEB but this is not (yet) a step forward…

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